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Inspiration for Valentine's Day 2017

Hey! Can you guys tell what I've been planning for my Valentine's Day look?  I have a vision for how I want to look for Valentine's Day and I know it includes something with a boat neck or an off the shoulders top. It's a look I've never done before and am excited to see how it comes to fruition. I'm going for a soft, feminine, Parisian look. Below are some looks I am contemplating and I thought I'd share and take you on this little journey of creating this outfit. I hope I'm able to execute what I am envisioning in my head. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or have a favorite from the list below. Remember to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE. Thanks for visiting Bye Beauties,   XOXOXO   height="960px"   width="735px"   seamless style="border: 0;"> Cast thy burden upon the  Lord , and he shall sustain thee . Psalm 55:22

The Respectable LBD

As a plus size woman there is rarely a time when I can purchase something and wear it without any alterations or the addition of an accessory or two. This dress was that rare occasion. I ordered it on Monday and received it on Friday and wore it on Sunday. Details: This dress was figure flattering with without  being too fitted. I was able to move freely in it. The material was medium weight it is made of 95% polyester and 5% Elastane so it absolutely has stretch, but it has the look of Rayon so you can dress it up or down . The best thing about this dress is it is under $30....that's not a typo....under $30. So beauties, you know I'm always going to lookout for you so if you want to order it you don't need to search I've linked it for you right here: ASOS CLUB L MIDI DRESS  : DRESS: ASOS CLUB L MIDI W/PUSSY BOW

Toners, Moisturizers, Masks and Meds, Oh My! Skin Care Series Part II

Find these items and more by clicking the links within the article Skin Care Regimen: Part II In Part I, of my Skincare series I discussed the tools and cleansers that I use in my normal skin care regimen. In this second part I’m going to be discussing toners, moisturizers, masks and any doctor prescribed medications that I use.  Toners: After I cleanse, I typically use the, Mario Bedescu® Glycolic Acid Toner . I use this because I deal with hyper-pigmentation. Toners can be used to remove any excess dirt and oil that was not removed during the cleansing process and they can also be used to restore pH balance to the skin after cleansing. Many toners, like the one I use, have active ingredients to combat certain issues, such as acne, uneven skin tone, dryness, etc. Moisturizers: Now…I’m going to tell you what I use, but there are literally thousands to choose from. To be honest it took me forever to narrow it down to what works best for me. It depends on the

My Skin Care Favorites Right at Your Finger Tips!

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