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Valentine's Day Outfit Inspiration

Dress :   (30% off) Note: If you are going to purchase the Kallan Knit Dress from Fashion Nova, be sure to size down at least one size. If your size is sold out, place your name on the waiting list. I had to place my name on the waiting list twice! When it comes back in stock it sells out quickly. Click on the link for 30% off Shoes : Coat : Clutch (Similar) : Sunglasses : For more inspiration check out these similar items:             height="325px"   width="705px"   frameborder="0"   seamless style="border: 0;">       google-site-verification: goog

Skincare Routine Part 2: Treatments, Moisturizers & Masks


The Faux "Vampire Facial"

I know everyone has seen Kim Kardashian’s picture that was taken while she was getting a “Vampire Facial.” To make a long story short a real “Vampire Facial” is when a dermatologist performs a standard microdermabrasion procedure then applies a layer of your own platelet rich plasma onto your skin afterwards. I’m calling this the “Faux Vampire Facial” because the only similarities are the color and the fact that heavy duty exfoliation is taking place.  If you are willing to pay $1000 for a real “Vampire Facial” at a dermatologist’s office, please do. But, if a less than $8 option sounds like a better deal…keep reading! The real name for the aforementioned “Faux Vampire Facial” is the AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution from The Ordinary which they call a 10 Minute Facial. This product offers deep exfoliation to help fight blemishes and increase the brightness and radiance of the skin. In my experience this product does truly live up to its claim. When I have a developing breakout,