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My Skin Care Regimen Series: Part 1

I'm starting this series to share my personal skin care routine with you guys. I get a lot of questions about my skin so I hope this series provides a comprehensive guide for what I do. This is the first part of the series which just covers what I use to cleanse my skin (tools and cleansers). At the end of the series I will provide a discount code for a service that has really changed my skin care LIFE!!! You're going to want to stay tuned, trust me.  All the products listed in my video can be found in the description box and also here: Love you guys for reading and watching! Bye Beauties, xoxoxo GOD IS LOVE


Hi Beauties! I know it's  been a while, but I am working on something that has taken priority in my life over everything. I appreciate your patience and support. Here is a quick video of my favorite things this season. I hope you guys enjoy this video! I included a link in the description box where  you can purchase all the skincare products that I mentioned in the video. Remember to like, share and subscribe! LOVE YOU! Bye Beauties, XOXOXOX GOD IS LOVE  1 JOHN 4:8

Reviving an Old Wash and Go or Twist Out

Hello Beauties! Created this quick tutorial on how I revive my wash and go or twist out that is on its ABSOLUTE last leg. This hair was done on a two day old, fluffy twist out. I will link the purchasing info for the Carol's Daughter Leave in Conditioner that I used in the video below. Thanks for reading and watching! XOXOX

Why I LOVE Being Natural

O ne of the main reasons why I love being natural is the versatility. I can transform my hair into so many textures without having to use chemicals. Wash-n-Go, stretched hair, curls, twist outs, braid out, blown out, flat ironed. Last week I did what I had not done in almost 3 years. I got my hair professionally flat ironed! When I flat iron my hair at home it never comes out the same way as when a professional does it. I’m always a bit nervous to get my hair flat ironed because I have fine hair and I don’t want to run the risk of looking too scaply. But no fear, I loved the results! I was able to do a length check and I now have bra strap hair again. Yaaay! One thing that I can take away from this whole experience of being natural is that we were wonderfully made. Our hair is AMAZING! With just a little effort we can transform into so many different looks. When you plan to heat style your hair make sure you: Make sure you go to a professional who specializes in natural hair


This is a quick guide on how I achieved this easy "side 'fro" look. I loved this style because its my alternative to a regular round afro, which just accentuates the roundness of my face. Pulling the afro to the side allows it to frame my face and also gives my fine hair a thicker appearance (lookin' out for the fine hair naturals). Step 1 : I started with a 2 day old wash n go. I combed it through and shaped it into a round afro.  Step 2: I applied a headband to keep my edges smoothed back and apply a small amount of Eco Styler Gel to tame my baby hairs.  Step 3: I grabbed a couple of hair pins and secured it to the side and BOOM POW, your're done! Bye Beauties!


S o, you’ve spent a mini fortune in Sephora and racked up some serious Beauty Insider points; Ulta has become your second home and you literally YouTube yourself to sleep. All this in an attempt for find the remedy to your skin issue (dark spots, acne, wrinkles, dryness, oiliness, etc.).   This was me two years ago. I’d see results of the products I was using most prominently in the winter (mostly indoors), but by the summer the results seemed minuscule, or in some cases, reversed (my dark marks appeared darker). While watching dozens of YouTube videos the topic of sunscreen always seemed to resurface, but I didn’t think it was necessary because, the way my melanin is setup…. I thought I was good.  Now don’t get me wrong, I did use sunscreen on certain occasions like going to the beach or when I was outside for an extended period of time, but not every day.  Late last year I decided to try implementing sunscreen into my daily routine. After battling an acne flare up in late Ja
Waxing …  Is it painful? Absolutely! Is it worth it? Absolutely! For the past 11 years I make a visit to my local nail salon to get my face waxed approximately every 2-3 weeks.  I remember my first time doing my eyebrows myself at home…it was a DISASTER! I took hair from the top of my eyebrows instead of the bottom, so for several weeks I walked around looking like Uncle Fester’s secret love child. After 11 years of waxing, I’d consider myself somewhat of an expert…. right?  I have 4 important tips for those of you who may be new to waxing, or just don’t do it that often. Here we go…. 1.    DON’T SHAVE IN BETWEEN WAXING. Shaving in between waxing trips can result in uneven growth of your hair, especially when you shave close to your wax appointment. It will result in hairs growing back too soon after your wax is done, increasing your trips to the wax salon. 2.    WAIT AS LONG AS YOU CAN. I prefer to wait approximately 2-3 between wax sessions. It is normally 3 weeks
UPCOMING POST: "Is facial waxing really necessary?" BEFORE/AFTER PICS 

Benzoyl Peroxide vs. Salicylic Acid

B enzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are the top two active ingredients that you will find in any OTC acne medication. In my opinion, they are both effective in treating acne, but there are certain times in which I prefer to use one over the other. SO, WHAT DO THEY ACTUALLY DO? Benzoyl Peroxide : reduces acne causing bacteria, oxidizes pores to loosen dirt and oil buildup and has anti-inflammatory properties. Salicylic Acid : dissolves keratin and the layer of skin that clogs the sebaceous gland. MY EXPERIENCE AND USE OF BOTH I prefer to use benzoyl peroxide (BP) during the warmer months of the year. It is a bit drying, but I find it is beneficial during the hot and sweaty spring/summer months. It works more like a mattifier if I apply it when my face is slightly damp from cleansing or toning. It also pairs well with my sunscreen.   I only use it 1-2 times a day so I don’t experience any peeling or irritation. I find that BP is most effective in reducing pimple siz
New Beginnings! W elcome to ChrissyXtina's Beauty Blog! This is my first post of many to come regarding beauty in its various forms. I'm a skincare and hair care junkie! I'm up to trying anything at least twice and can't wait to share the results with you guys.  I have personally been on my own natural hair journey since November 2012. Although I am natural, I do have thin hair and that comes with its own set of hair care challenges. So for all the thin haired naturals out there, I GOT YOU! Furthermore, there will be so much more coming down the pipe. Because my interests are so varied don't be surprised to see post about, beauty, fashion, religion, politics, parenting, etc. This blog will be my online voice and I hope you guys tune in and love what I have to share. Bye Beauties, xoxo ChrissyXtina xoxo “The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.” Numb