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5 Minute Hair Tutorial for the Holiday Season

Hi Beauties!

This is a quick, less 5 minute hair tutorial. This is great for those of us with fine, low density hair, and I even give alternative steps for those who have higher density hair. This is great for any holiday party, a night out, business casual event...  I hope you guys like this video!  Give it a thumbs up and subscribe to this channel.   THANKS FOR WATCHING!

The Abnormal Beauty Company

Hey Beauties!  A new AFFORDABLE & EFFECTIVE skincare brand?!  Check out my review & haul below! 

THANKS FOR WATCHING!  **Update: Since filming this company just announced it will soon be available on!!

Tracee Elliss Ross Collection for JCPenney

When I heard that Tracee Ellis Ross was doing a clothing collection, I was ecstatic before I even saw the promos or campaign art. To me, Tracee Ellis Ross is a modern-day fashion icon. She takes risks with her fashion without ever being distasteful or clownish. From Girlfriend’s to Blackish, Tracee’s fashion sense has always been on trend, but timeless. Not only does her fashion sense have moments of playfulness, so does her personality. “Everyday Joy” is the running theme of her collection at JCPenney and it accurately depicts the essence of what we all love about Tracee, her joyful spirit!
Tracee thought of “Every Body” when it came to the design of her collection. The sizes range from Small-3X and yes curvy ladies, it’s standard plus size, not junior plus size. There is a price point for every budget ($17-$74). Her collection contains business and casual pieces, dressy pieces, a sequin party dress and night clothes. It also offers houseware pieces and accessories such as scarves a…

Video: Sally Beauty, Walgreen's and Haul


The Type of Natural Hair NOBODY Talks About!

My hair is natural, so when I transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair I consumed a steady stream of YouTube videos on how to care for my natural hair. I thought, “As soon as I grow my hair out, I’m going to be the newest Instagram natural hair baddie!” LOL.  I’m watching these girls with beautiful, thick natural hair doing these intricate hair styles, pineapples, and mini twists galore. Their results were beautiful and full. I thought that when I fully transitioned my hair would be able to do the same. Right? WRONG!!! Each time I attempted a style or tried a new product that was trending it always ended up being an epic fail! I would have more scalp showing than twists, there’s no “pine” in my pineapple, it’s just an apple and coconut oil is my mortal enemy.
See, I have the type of natural hair that no one ever talks about: Fine, low density, 3c/4a natural hair. It’s what most would broadly classify as “thin” hair. It’s genetic, I have hair just like my father. When I was younge…

Product Review: DevaCurl ® Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask

To purchase DevaCurl ® Melt Into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning:

Fashion Nova Plus Size: Haul & Try-On!


Original Skin?? Effective or Nah?

If you follow me on Instagram (ChrissyXtina_Beauty) and Twitter (ChrissyXtina_B) you know that I have been trying out some skincare products from Origins*. This was my first time trying anything from the Origins brand. I’ve been aware of the brand, but have never been enticed to purchase one of their products. When I was sent these products, I was really interested to see how well they performed.
What Products Did I Try?
ORIGINAL SKIN ™ MATTEMOISTURIZER: It promises to provide satisfying hydration while mattifying skin thanks to the #PinkWaterCream. It is also oil free.
ORIGINAL SKIN ™RENEWAL SERUM: This is a super serum promises to renew your complexion by helping the skin to look fresher, brighter and smoother while minimizing the appearance of imperfections.
ORIGINAL SKIN ™ RETEXTURIZINGMASK:  This mask is formulated with Mediterranean rose clay, Canadian willow herb, and exfoliating jojoba beads that all help gently deep clean while refining your skin’s texture. It will help pores …

Summer Essentials: Day 3

Hey Beauties!

I think I saved the best for last! This is another hair care product that I was surprised that I loved so much. I first received this item in my Sephora Play subscription in June. It was a cream and so I automatically assumed that it would weigh down my fine/low density hair, but like I always say, I'll try anything at least twice (within reason). Beauties, when I say that this product had my curls poppin'... I mean even the weird section of my hair that has a different texture from the rest of my head and never wants to fall in line. My fine strands weren't weighed down, my curl pattern was defined and my hair was moisturized. It prolonged the wear of my wash and go for days longer than normal. This was my first time trying anything from the DevaCurl brand and I was pleasantly surprised. So check it out beauties! My video of the review is down below, check it out!
DevaCurlSUPERCREAM® Coconut Curl Styler

Romans 5:8 But God shows his love for us in that while we…


Hey Beauties!

I'm back with Day 2 of my Summer  Essentials series. The second product of this series is from Avon's Advanced Techniques hair care line. It's a serum, specifically a "Dry Ends Serum". I can use use this product on my wash and go AND when I straighten my hair. It does an amazing job of keeping the frizz at bay when I'm wearing a wash and go for up to seven days (YES, 7 DAYS!). When I straighten my hair it does the same and gives my hair a beautiful shine without weighing it down. Its so weightless and doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or weighed down like most leave-in products. I apply the product on wet hair for both my straight and curly styles. I hope you guys get a chance to try this out because whether you have relaxed or natural hair, this product will give you beautiful results.

Thanks for reading beauties!

I made a quick video about the Avon Advanced Techniques Dry End Serum. Click below to watch!

Isaiah 26:3 “You will keep him in…


Hey Beauties!

Summer 2017 is almost over, but not quite yet! This summer I've been trying out a ton of new products, but I didn't want to bring them to you unless I was absolutely sure I was in love with the products. So, I decided to do a short fun series of items that I have really been relying on this summer...My Summer Essentials! This will be a short 3 day series of items that have been clutch during this long, sweltering summer. I hope you guys get to try out these products, because most of them can be used well into fall and even winter...Stay tuned!


Buy it HERE:
Deuteronomy 31:6Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Affirmations of A Little Brown Boy {ChrissyXtina is A Mom}

Affirmations of A Little Brown Boy

I dealt with infertility for 5 years before being blessed with a child, a son. A beautiful brown boy who is rambunctious, caring, intelligent and oddly humorous (like his Mom). On the day he was born, the words “I love you” involuntarily kept escaping my mouth every few moments. This type of love was new to me, it was completely overwhelming and self-sacrificing. I was emotionally raw, wholly in love, but also terrified of all the what if’s. His nurse her overheard me telling my son that I loved him and told me to make sure I told him that every day. From that day on I have not let a day go by without telling him I love him. EVERYDAY. PERIOD.
If my parenting style could be summed up into one word it would be: Intentional. About a week ago I began making my son recite the following affirmations:
“I am who God says I am.” “I am a leader.” “I am strong” “I am beautiful.” “I am smart.” “I am loved.”
I figured that as a brown boy the world would be explici…

Product Review- Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate®: An Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Hey Beauties!
I've missed you guys and have been enjoying the summer, but I had to get back to you guys when I discovered this new product. This is yet another gem that I had the pleasure of sampling through my Sephora Play monthly subscription. It’s the Kate SomervilleExfoliKate®: An Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($24). It claims to be Hollywood's 2 minute facial and it completely lives up to the hype!
Background My skincare routine contains a mild retinol and that drastically speeds up cell production and causes my face to peel regularly when I'm using it. A few weeks ago I had switched back to the stronger version, Retin-A, in order to try and quickly fade a few stubborn dark marks after a particularly bad breakout. If any of you have ever used Retin-A, you know the peeling is serious! Within the first 24 hours of applying Retin-A, I'm usually peeling on an hourly basis (I know...gross, but the skin that comes thru afterwards is glorious dah-ling! lol). With all that…


All the info is in the description box in the video.
 Here are some pics of the featured items as well. 

Here are some alternative pieces to replace the items that may have already sold out.
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Valentine’s Day 2017

So, I’m usually not that girl. Valentine’s Day isn’t usually a big deal for me. If my husband got me some flowers and a cookie and cream Hershey bar I’d be completely content. This year I decided to do something different and actuallycare about Valentine’s Day. I wanted to get excited and plan an outfit for our dinner.
In a previous post, I posted some dresses that gave me some inspiration with the off the shoulder trend. I had been looking all over for the perfect off the shoulder top that wasn’t too revealing, because my shoulders are definitely not my best asset. For a full week I searched for possible contenders and finally found one with Society Plus. I paired the shirt with a flowery flare skirt and some blush colored Badgley Mischka heels. I felt so feminine and pretty in this outfit. I hope you guys like it and get some inspiration of your own. It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s to dress up. 
Society + is an online plus size retailer. Their clothes are very fashion forward an…

Skin Care Series Part II


Inspiration for Valentine's Day 2017

Hey! Can you guys tell what I've been planning for my Valentine's Day look? 
I have a vision for how I want to look for Valentine's Day and I know it includes something with a boat neck or an off the shoulders top. It's a look I've never done before and am excited to see how it comes to fruition. I'm going for a soft, feminine, Parisian look. Below are some looks I am contemplating and I thought I'd share and take you on this little journey of creating this outfit. I hope I'm able to execute what I am envisioning in my head. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or have a favorite from the list below. Remember to LIKE, SHARE & SUBSCRIBE. Thanks for visiting
Bye Beauties,   XOXOXO
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Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and he shall sustain thee. Psalm 55:22

The Respectable LBD

As a plus size woman there is rarely a time when I can purchase something and wear it without any alterations or the addition of an accessory or two. This dress was that rare occasion. I ordered it on Monday and received it on Friday and wore it on Sunday.

Details: This dress was figure flattering with without  being too fitted. I was able to move freely in it. The material was medium weight it is made of 95% polyester and 5% Elastane so it absolutely has stretch, but it has the look of Rayon so you can dress it up or down .

The best thing about this dress is it is under $30....that's not a typo....under $30. So beauties, you know I'm always going to lookout for you so if you want to order it you don't need to search I've linked it for you right here: ASOS CLUB L MIDI DRESS :

Toners, Moisturizers, Masks and Meds, Oh My! Skin Care Series Part II

Skin Care Regimen: Part II

In Part I, of my Skincare series I discussed the tools and cleansers that I use in my normal skin care regimen. In this second part I’m going to be discussing toners, moisturizers, masks and any doctor prescribed medications that I use. 
Toners: After I cleanse, I typically use the, Mario Bedescu® Glycolic Acid Toner. I use this because I deal with hyper-pigmentation. Toners can be used to remove any excess dirt and oil that was not removed during the cleansing process and they can also be used to restore pH balance to the skin after cleansing. Many toners, like the one I use, have active ingredients to combat certain issues, such as acne, uneven skin tone, dryness, etc.

Moisturizers: Now…I’m going to tell you what I use, but there are literally thousands to choose from. To be honest it took me forever to narrow it down to what works best for me. It depends on the season or if my skin decides it wants to act crazy (hormonal acne).  I love Fresh® products, this…

My Skin Care Favorites Right at Your Finger Tips!

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