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Does your hair seem to always be dry no matter what you do?   Do products seem to buildup on your hair easily or sit on top of your hair and never fully absorb?   Does it takes your hair FOREVER to dry? When you used to get a relaxer did it never “take”? If you can relate to those last four questions, then you more than likely have low porosity hair. For many people, dealing with their low porosity hair is extremely frustrating. I’ve heard so many women threaten to go back to the creamy crack because it is just too difficult to figure out. No worries! I’m writing this article for you all out there! In the previous article, ( click here to read ) I listed 3 methods in which you can test the porosity of your hair and the different levels of porosity: low, normal and high. In this article I’ve compiled a list of tips and methods to use in each step of your hair care routine if you have low porosity hair. Keep scrolling for more info. CLEANSING -Use shampoo t