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The Type of Natural Hair NOBODY Talks About!

2004 w/ Relaxed Hair My hair is natural, so when I transitioned from relaxed hair to natural hair I consumed a steady stream of YouTube videos on how to care for my natural hair. I thought, “As soon as I grow my hair out, I’m going to be the newest Instagram natural hair baddie!” LOL.  I’m watching these girls with beautiful, thick natural hair doing these intricate hair styles, pineapples, and mini twists galore. Their results were beautiful and full. I thought that when I fully transitioned my hair would be able to do the same. Right? WRONG!!! Each time I attempted a style or tried a new product that was trending it always ended up being an epic fail! I would have more scalp showing than twists, there’s no “pine” in my pineapple, it’s just an apple and coconut oil is my mortal enemy. 2nd Grade (My rope ponytails! LOL )   See, I have the type of natural hair that no one ever talks about: Fine, low density, 3c/4a natural hair. It’s what most would broadly classify as “