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Affirmations of A Little Brown Boy {ChrissyXtina is A Mom}

Affirmations of A Little Brown Boy I dealt with infertility for 5 years before being blessed with a child, a son. A beautiful brown boy who is rambunctious, caring, intelligent and oddly humorous (like his Mom). On the day he was born, the words “I love you” involuntarily kept escaping my mouth every few moments. This type of love was new to me, it was completely overwhelming and self-sacrificing. I was emotionally raw, wholly in love, but also terrified of all the what if’s. His nurse her overheard me telling my son that I loved him and told me to make sure I told him that every day. From that day on I have not let a day go by without telling him I love him. EVERYDAY. PERIOD. If my parenting style could be summed up into one word it would be: Intentional. About a week ago I began making my son recite the following affirmations: “I am who God says I am.” “I am a leader.” “I am strong” “I am beautiful.” “I am smart.” “I am loved.” I figured that as a brow

Product Review- Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate®: An Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Hey Beauties! I've missed you guys and have been enjoying the summer, but I had to get back to you guys when I discovered this new product. This is yet another gem that I had the pleasure of sampling through my Sephora Play monthly subscription. It’s the Kate SomervilleExfoliKate®: An Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($24). It claims to be Hollywood's 2 minute facial and it completely lives up to the hype! Background My skincare routine contains a mild retinol and that drastically speeds up cell production and causes my face to peel regularly when I'm using it. A few weeks ago I had switched back to the stronger version, Retin-A, in order to try and quickly fade a few stubborn dark marks after a particularly bad breakout. If any of you have ever used Retin-A, you know the peeling is serious! Within the first 24 hours of applying Retin-A, I'm usually peeling on an hourly basis (I know...gross, but the skin that comes thru afterwards is glorious dah-ling! lol).