Friday, July 14, 2017

Product Review- Kate Somerville's ExfoliKate®: An Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

Hey Beauties!

I've missed you guys and have been enjoying the summer, but I had to get back to you guys when I discovered this new product. This is yet another gem that I had the pleasure of sampling through my Sephora Play monthly subscription. It’s the Kate SomervilleExfoliKate®: An Intensive Exfoliating Treatment ($24). It claims to be Hollywood's 2 minute facial and it completely lives up to the hype!

My skincare routine contains a mild retinol and that drastically speeds up cell production and causes my face to peel regularly when I'm using it. A few weeks ago I had switched back to the stronger version, Retin-A, in order to try and quickly fade a few stubborn dark marks after a particularly bad breakout. If any of you have ever used Retin-A, you know the peeling is serious! Within the first 24 hours of applying Retin-A, I'm usually peeling on an hourly basis (I know...gross, but the skin that comes thru afterwards is glorious dah-ling! lol). With all that being said, ya girl needs to seriously exfoliate!

Product Review- KateSomerville's ExfoliKate®: An Intensive Exfoliating Treatment

The product comes in a tube and is like a paste that is ever so slightly gritty. Now when you squeeze out the product you'll be surprised that it is bright green and it smells a little like licorice. You must apply it to a wet, clean face. When you apply the product, rub it in for a bit and then let it sit for about 2-3 minutes. You'll start to feel it tingle a bit and you'll know it’s working. After you let it sit, rinse off with warm water and voil├á! Your skin will feel nice and clean and all the dead skin will be gone. To see actual result check out this quick review below. 

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