Why I LOVE Being Natural

One of the main reasons why I love being natural is the versatility. I can transform my hair into so many textures without having to use chemicals. Wash-n-Go, stretched hair, curls, twist outs, braid out, blown out, flat ironed. Last week I did what I had not done in almost 3 years. I got my hair professionally flat ironed! When I flat iron my hair at home it never comes out the same way as when a professional does it. I’m always a bit nervous to get my hair flat ironed because I have fine hair and I don’t want to run the risk of looking too scaply. But no fear, I loved the results! I was able to do a length check and I now have bra strap hair again. Yaaay!

One thing that I can take away from this whole experience of being natural is that we were wonderfully made. Our hair is AMAZING! With just a little effort we can transform into so many different looks.

When you plan to heat style your hair make sure you:

  • Make sure you go to a professional who specializes in natural hair care.
  • Maintain your hair in low manipulation styles a week prior to straightening 
  • Communicate with your stylist, let him/her know how you maintain your hair, the products you use and the results of previously heat styling your hair. 

FYI: I went to Elite Hair Enhancements in Greensboro, NC. They specialize in natural hair care. Harriet and Grace Grimes took care of me. My results lasted two weeks. 

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