What Hair Characteristics ACTUALLY Matter?

So many people are overly concerned about their curl pattern. I can’t even count how many YouTube videos and picture charts I have seen that are focused solely on one’s curl pattern to determine a hair regimen or product suggestions. 4C, 3A, 3C, 4A, 4B, etc.…is all quaternary in determining the best hair care practices and products.  Outside of styling, this really is not a hair trait that is an important contributor to you overall hair health. The characteristics that are important are:

v The diameter of your individual hair strands (coarse, normal, or fine).

v The density of your hair. Simply put, how many individual hair strands you have on your head per square inch. A person with normal density has about 2,200 strands of hair per square inch.  (The picture below is a great visual representation of varying degrees of density even though it is depicting wig densities)

v The porosity of your hair (low, normal or high). Your hair porosity determines how your hair absorbs substances. Knowing this info will allow you to select products that will provide optimal results and develop a haircare care routine that promotes health hair growth.

Knowing these characteristics about your own hair will make it easier to determine how to care for your hair and will make purchasing products less of a guessing game and more intentional. Honestly, going natural can be costly if you are just randomly trying hair products that may not cater to your individual hair needs. Take some time to become familiar with your own hair characteristics.


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